Shortcut for adding Index entry

I am in the process of indexing a very long document and cannot find any shortcut for adding in entry. Is there one and if not, how do I add one? Going through the menu is time consuming and tedious.

You don’t have to close the insert index item dialog box when you are ready with it. You can leave it open while editing your document and click it to enter more items; the index item fields will be inserted at the cursor position.

Thank you for that information, however, I have tried this with several options/alternatives, but none bring up the index menu. I am working with a MacMini with the latest system and program updates using a MacAlly keyboard.

Thanks, directions aren’t too clear, was afraid of losing my entry if I wrote over it.

Always mention the Mac OS information in your first post. Apple has some differences in keyboard shortcuts and menus that make that information relevant. When you choose a hotkey, make sure that it isn’t already assigned to a command at the LibreOffice level.

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I realize that, and with that in mind, I’ve tried to configure several different keys/keystrokes without luck so far.

My bad, that command seems to do something else, but I can’t find what. Apparently, this requires a macro.

Thanks for trying, I really appreciate it. Still on a learning curve!