Shortcut for Date Format Change

Dear Team,

We have manually changed data format like goto->Data->Text columns->column type. Please any shortcut for this

Present Format	Required Format
13.07.2021      13/07/21
13.07.2021      13/07/21
13.07.2021      13/07/21
13.07.2021      13/07/21
13.07.2021      13/07/21
13.07.2021      13/07/21

[Edit - Opaque] set table to preformatted text

Is this a feature request?

>have manually changed data format

You probably changed data type from text to numbers, otherwise you could have used Format -> Cells formatting.

To create a shortcut use `Tools -> Customize... ->Tab Keyboard` and put `Text to Columns` into *Functions* text bar, select a shortcut key under *Shortcut Keys* and click button `Modify`.

Why do you think you need that outdated, ambiguous date format with 2-digit-year? (Don’t you remember the “y2k” problem and the related hysteria?)
Even the (continental) European format you have as “Present Format” is a bit better.
The only globally human-readable format that’s recommendable is YYYY-MM-DD (ISO 8601 extended). Other formats may (in very special cases) be added ín extra columns like footnotes, but without relying semantically on them.
In short again the most convincing advantages of ISO 8601 extended:
Human-readable everywhere
Unambiguous concerning the year (at least till year 9999)
Unambiguous concerning the US-UK date-format conflict.
Interpreted by spreadsheets correctly in calculations even if given as text. (Locale independent)
(Check ="2021-09-25" - "2020-09-25" e.g.)
Not causing any problems if imported by spreadsheets
Sortable as text
Looking exactly the same if exported as text (to a csv e.g.)

Thank you. That was very helpful.

Number formatting is easily, correctly, not error-prone, defined for named cell styles.
Cells needing such a format applied are first selected. Then the respective cell-style name is doubleklicked in the stylist.
If you record a macro for the doubleclick step, you can assign it to a keyboard shortcut.