Shortcut for inserting delta (Δ) in formula?


It is pretty common to write deltas (Δ) in formulas, but typing “%DELTA” becomes repetitive after a while. Is there an alias to insert a delta in a formula without writing “%DELTA”?

If not, are there any other ways to make inserting delta easier in LO formula?


You didn’t mention your OS name, nor LO version.

I’d look at the clipboard manager in your OS. Several such managers offer the possibility to record a few items to be able to paste them easily.

Another possibility is to record a character sequence to be associated with a key on your keyboard (macro feature offered on some OS’es). After that, you hit the key to send the full sequence to the application.

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Thanks for the tips. I’m using MacOS and am on v7.3.4.2.

For now, I do use copy and paste, but I was wondering if there was a built-in alias or shortcut for delta (or other symbols for that matter).

Unfortunately, Math has not been upgraded as much as the other components of the suite. “Technologically” it lags far behind the others. Neither AutoText not AutoCorrect can be used in Math.

Since MacOS is based on OpenBSD (if my memory is good), you should be able to dedicate some key, preferentially a function key, to the %DELTA macro sequence. Dig into man (i.e. MacOS help) and find the topic about keyboard configuration. You might need to operate on two domains: command line level and GUI which manage differently the keyboard.

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You can define your own symbols in (while in Math) Tools - Symbols. You therefore could define a shorter token to insert a delta sign.

A better idea is, like @ajlittoz suggested, to use, at the operating system level, a macro facility or a text expansion tool. Espanso is an impressive recent, open source and cross platform tool for that purpose.

Needed a bit of experimenting, but that works perfectly, thanks.

Anyone else coming across this, the following link helps: