Shortcut keys not working on Ubuntu

I am running LO on Ubuntu 13.04. I want to assign a shortcut to open the insert menu. The first thing I noticed about this problem is that there are no underlined items in the main menu bar. What I have tried to do is go to the customize keyboard menu and then chose Insert and Insert from the Category and Function lists and then assigned Alt+I to that job. But then when I use that combination nothing happens. This used to work in previous versions of LO. Reading thru the posts on this it seems that there is a lot of confusion on what some of the terms mean in the customize dialogue. Perhaps Insert doesn’t refer to the menu at all.

Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem is? Also does anyone know where the configuration files for these shortcuts are stored? I have a backup for my previous version and I may be able to recover the correct key combo from there, if I knew where to find it.

I’m also on Ubuntu 13.04, also LibO Just to say my experience is just slightly different than yours: I get the underlined items in the menu bar, but … no working ALT- shortcuts. Is this a Unity issue? Perhaps as well to ask also on Ask Ubuntu (I just searched there for this issue, but didn’t turn up any relevant hits)?

I’m not sure if you are still looking for an answer to this, but it seems the solution is to press ALT+[LETTER_KEY].
I got stumped by this too, but figured it out coincidentally.

ALT-shortcut means “hold down the ALT key then press the second key”. David says it’s not working for him. It’s not working for me either. I’m running libreoffice on Ubuntu 13.10. This used to work, and, it you used the mouse to click on the the File menu, it used to have the F underlined, indicating that ALT-f should be pressed to get the File menu. None of the top-level menus have an underlined character.

I have the same problem. No underlined letters show in the menu bar and Alt-[char] does nothing. Ubuntu 13.10 LO

I have recently come back to Ubuntu (13.10) after a spell away in Windows land as my main cyber interface. I used Ubuntu from 9.10 (Karmic) to 11.04 (Natty) (sorry can’t recall what versions of OO/LO I was using, but I also used Windows versions) and I can never recall this working at all. I don’t remember if there were underlined letters in the menus of previous versions, but Alt-[char] (as far as I can remember) never did anything.