Shortcut to change language [None] in a macro

I found a question/answer for “Shortcut for Changing Language” that contains a macro that is most helpful. Below is an example of the section which is used to change text language to French. My question then is how do I specify the language [None]? The best macro effort I get is a blank in the Language field for the character option but it requires extra steps. I still have to select [None] at the top and OK which is unnecessary when using an actual language. Thanks!

Macro section:
args1(0).Name = “Language”
args1(0).Value = “Current_French (France)”

Sub setNoneLanguage 'set the language [None] for current selection
	dim oDoc as object, oSel as object, oLocale as new
	with oLocale
		.Language="zxx" '[None]
	end with
	oSel=oDoc.CurrentSelection.GetByIndex(0) 'get current selection (first item from current selection)
	oSel.CharLocale=oLocale 'set locale object to the selection
End Sub

And if you need to ascertain current language by macro, you can look to the variable: oSel.CharLocale (for example: xray oSel.CharLocale) - but it can be problematic if you also use the Complex or Asian languages. Or you can use next macro → it shows the name of the language from the Statusbar.

Sub statusLanguageInfo 'info about current language from the statusbar
	dim oDoc as object, lmgr as object, o as object
	'xray o.RealInterface.AccessibleContext
	msgbox o.RealInterface.AccessibleContext.getAccessibleChild(3).Text
End Sub