Shortkey for FormatPaintBrush

I cannot find shortkey for FormatPaintBrush action. It seems that there is no such shortkey. But it is so useful for formating spreadsheets.

I suppose it should be implemented by developers, using Ctrl+Shift+C combination for getting format and Ctrl+Shift+V for applying copied format to active cells

There are already two ways to apply Format Paintbrush using the keyboard:

  • use “Paste Special”: CTRL+C to copy, select the target cells, hit CTRL+SHIFT+V, and deselect every option in the “Selection” area instead of “Formats”;

  • just assign Format Paintbrush to your desired keyboard shortcut. Select Menu “Tools” → “Customize” → “Keyboard”, select “Edit” from the “Functions” list at bottom left, select “Format Paintbrush” from the next listbox, select a shortcut from the list above (for example CTRL+P), hit “Modify”. After this, you can proceed like this:

    • Select “source cell”;
    • hit CTRL+P,
    • click on the target cell(s).

IMHO the key combination CTRL+SHIFT+V isn’t suited as you’ve proposed, since this triggers the “Paste Special” feature that’s very important for many users.

With LibreOffice version, I found Format Paintbrush to be Clone Formatting.