show all page boundaries in libreoffice writer

In libreoffie writer I would like to see all page boundaries (for header, footer, and text) at the same time. This would be necessary for deciding the page layout. How can I turn it on? Currently I can see the boundaries only for the area which I edit. I use libreoffice 4.3.



Could you elaborate a bit? Do you want to see several pages simultaneously?

Meanwhile, have you fiddled with ToolsOptions, LOAppearance, LO WriterFormatting Aids and other settings?

As far as I can understand, there is a maximum of three text areas you want to get a border line for if Formatting Marks is switched on (also controlling the group Formatting Aids set via options). This for any page in the current view.

As a friend of much as possible of openly visible information, and declining any hiding of info where not unavoidable, I would judge this desire perfectly reasonable. However, there isn’t yet an enhancement request to that effect, seemingly.

If an enhancement gets implemented at all there are two main alternatives I see:
-1- Show all or none of the mentioned areas (if existing at all) simultaneously, controlled by Toggle Formatting Marks.
-2- Add three related items under Formatting Aids to Options > LibreOffice Writer > Formatting Aids > Display of

I am considering to post an “enhancement bug” concerning this issue.
I would prefer -1-. What’s your opinion, @suseuser04 ?

Slightly related: bug (enhancement) tdf# 33304 of 2011-01-20.