Show Clipboard

Is it possible to show the entire clipboard as we could in MS Word? I wanted to paste something I copied earlier today if still there instead of copying the same text from the same source again.

No OS given so I’ll choose one. In Windows 10, 1803 and later, you can turn on clipboard history by pressing Win+V and turning it on. Windows clipboard history will retain a list of recently pasted items until you restart. This works for all programs. To access the history press Win+V and click the item you want to paste. You have an option … to Pin items to retain after restart.

Potential bug - pictures such as screen grabs aren’t pasting into my LO Writer but do into Word 2010. I’m going to have a play and see if it just this machine.

Yeah. Only current clipboard pictures get pasted. Seems similar problem to Snip and Sketch pictures. Paste Special says Bitmap but nothing pastes into LO. Will paste into XNview and Word. So can paste into picture editor, Save As suitable format and insert image into LO.