Show index number next to each nonempty row

Hello there,

Would you please help me on this, I want to know how to show number next to each row of data as in:
data in column B start at row 6 and goes on to about 100, I want to show the numbering in column A

1 data

2 data

3 data





I know how make the number manually from first cell and drag till last one, but I want this to be automatic numbering so any time I enter a new data in column B, an index number will show in column A.

Hello @MuhammadOsta,

Please try with the following formula in your cell A6 to A100:

The formula should be Exactly the same in each cell, so you better Copy-Paste it 94 times down from cell A6 until cell A100, instead of dragging the handle. ( Else the reference to B6 will be altered with each row, instead of staying fixed at “B6” for all rows. )


HTH, lib

image description

worked perfectly! thank you so much!
dank u wel :slight_smile:
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