Show number range value without incrementing?

Can I show the value of a “Number range” variable without incrementing it?

Essentially, I want to emulate chapter numbering, except:

A) I want the number displayed on the right side, which is apparently impossible to insert as a field without Chapter Numbering > Number turned on, which displays on the left, and

B) I want numbering on outline level 2 to be continuous.

I’m writing a comic book script, which describes “pages” of the comic for the artist to draw. These are not page numbers in the document. It might take multiple document pages to describe a comic page.

I want numbering like this:

  • Chapter 1
    • Page 1
      • Panel 1.1
      • Panel 1.2
    • Page 2
      • Panel 2.1
      • Panel 2.2
  • Chapter 2
    • Page 3
      • Panel 3.1
      • Panel 3.2


This doesn’t seem to work with regular outline numbering

I managed to get the page and panel numbers working using Insert > Field > More Fields > Variables > Number range. ComicPageNum has NumberingByChapter=None. ComicPanelNum has NumberingByChapter=2.

I just can’t refer to the last one without incrementing it. So I can’t say ”Panel 1.1” and keep it in sync if I copy and paste from Page 1 to Page 3.

But why using the field instead of using several multi-level numberings? One for Chapters; one for Pages+Panels… and place them where you need them.

As to the directly asked question: just edit the field you copy+pasted (which increases the numbering), and see that it has a formula that adds the 1. Remove that 1.

As @mikekaganski pointed out, you have an outline for your “chapters” where you can use the usual Heading n paragraph styles. Your Page+Panel enumeration is just a multi-level list. Use a somewhat customised Numbering 1 (amongst other, you must associate a list style to this paragraph style) for it.