Show page borders calc 7.1 SOLVED

Hopefully I can explain this good enough that it makes sense. Back in Microsoft Office 2003 Excel, I could go in and go into (I think it was) the formatting menu, and click something and the borders of the page, top bottom and sides, would be highlighted. I was usually making a table, which is what I’m doing now, think “inventory sheet”, where you list everything needing to be inventory, and then the labels across the top, {Item, target, on hand, needed to buy, etc…} Now I want to adjust the width of the cells so that I have as much room as possible but I don’t want to make them so wide that they actually fall off the side of the page. Does that make any kind of sense?

I have went through all the menu’s, and did not see what I’m looking for. Maybe I just didn’t see it, maybe it wasn’t there, and maybe it’s labeled as something I would never associate with that function. So my question is, is this feature available in calc 7.1? If so where?


View > Page break preview

Or even File > Print Preview.

Both in pretty much the same place as MS Office 2003

Thanks gabix, and Earnest AI, I have looked at both options given by both of you. The exact same thing happens when I do either of them, and unfortunately it’s not what I want. What happens when I do those things, that is, the cells disappear and the screen turns a tan color, and in very big letters like 50-60 points. it says “NO DATA”.

What I"m looking for is a dotted line that is just a little bolder than the rest of the lines, that goes down from the top cell somewhere between “H & I”, and “I & J”, then goes down to about 75 to about 80. I don’t remember exactly, where it falls, because it’s been many years since I have needed a spreadsheet.

Let me ask this, when your using Calc, how do you know where the edge of a sheet of paper is? That’s the big thing, Calc may do it differently and that’s fine, if I can figure out what that is.

That seems a bit unusual, but I guess you haven’t defined your print ranges. First, select the data for printing in the sheet, then click Format > Print ranges > Define.

Then View > Page Break

Hey guys and girls, thank you to everyone that has answered. But I finally got search to give me an answer, and it was what I was looking for. The reason I couldn’t find it, is the first pop out, did not have the “>” arrow showing it was expandable. You just had to click it. Anyway the path is {Format>Page>Borders>Line Arrangement} Well actually everything under Borders, but Line arrangement is what sets the border.

Here is the link to the question that gave me the answer.

Again thank you.

OK. But that wasn’t the question that you asked.