Show page boundaries, but don't show formatting marks

Writer provides you an option to have a non-printing border around the whole text on the page:

  1. First, enable View > Text Boundaries
  2. And then, enable View > Formatting Marks

The problem is that this also clutters the text with non-printing characters.

The workarounds I know about:

  1. The first workaround is just add the border as a part of the page style. The drawback is that it also changes your inner mathematics a bit. So if you want the document “pixel perfect”, this option is not… perfect.

  2. The second workaround is open Tools > Option > LibreOffice > Formatting Aids > and clear all check boxes in “Display Formatting” section. This workaround is not perfect as well, because:

    1. Issue-1: If you want to hide the border temporary, and disable View > Formatting Marks for this reason, next time you enable it, the check boxes mentioned above will be enabled again. Seems to be a bug.

    2. Issue-2: What if I always want to have a border, but sometimes (and only sometimes) I also want formatting marks?

    Both issues can probaby be solved with a macro, but I want to try an easier solution first.

Which operating system and which LibreOffice version do you use?

Not with me: LO May be a corrupted user profile.

@Hrbrgr LO 32-bit on Windows 7

In Tools - ... Writer - Formatting Aids you can turn off display of any non-printing characters that you don’t like. On a Mac, you need Preferences.

This is what I have described as a second workaround. This have the drawbacks that are mentioned as well.

Learn to appreciate seeing those non-printing characters. They’re an invaluable help.

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