Show the Custom Color Bar in Draw

I’ve got about 15 colors I care about, and I can access them in right-click->area. Is there a way to get those to show up in my color bar?

Can this help? :

[Create a new color palette](

See LibreOffice Help on Loading Color, Gradient, and Hatching Lists.

I can help no more now because this PC has version, and this seem to be a new feature of version 7.1.


Unfortunately, these options are still not available in version

Nevertheless, thanks for the hint. Maybe it will come soon.

If the 15 colours are the ones that Microsoft use as default, just select the palette compatibility

these options are still not available in version

So, documentation goes ahead of implementation.

Naming each colour will add it to your custom palette. See Defining Custom Colours.

When the 15 colours are in the custom palette, go into the user config, copy the custom.soc and paste as copy, then rename it to a memorable name, e.g. CompanyColours.soc. You can then always access that palette from any program in LO.