Show total when selecting cells in Calc?

Hello all,

I have a calc sheet with a couple of columns that hold different numbers.
I’m selecting an cell outside the filled columns and press the Sum button which gives me the possibility to select multiple cells on one column.
The question is if is there any functionality that I don’t know so when I’m selecting the cells also to see the total, like an tooltip or in status bar, like an realtime total of the selected cells so far? If I hit enter the total will be shown in the cell, but until then I see just the SUM formula and the number of the row/columns.
This is helpful for me because I have to add certain rows and to have an total of certain value, which now I only see after I’ve hit enter on the Sum function.

The status bar has an area left of the zoom slider where the result of a few predefined functions with selected cells can be displayed, among them is SUM (e.g. Sum=0 displayed). Right mouse click on that status bar area pops up a menu with functions to choose from. Note however that the result is only updated if a cell is not in edit mode, i.e. does not display results while editing a formula.

Just note:
Status bar can be switched off display - go to View / Status Bar - to turn it on.

Thank you for the response, that will do the trick :slight_smile: