Show tracked changes by hiding deleted text

How do I show tracked changes by hiding deleted text
Not sure why this topic was closed Can I show tracked changes by hiding deleted text?
I previously did this and cannot find the instructions :(.
I need to print a document WITH the change bar showing and the added showing in it’s color. I do NOT want to show deleted text. I want to show what the changes are in it’s “final” state. Found the example. I know I overwrote the items in blue (deleted text) and it’s NOT showing up. This is off of a PDF. I need to show the revisions, not deletions, for a final “redline” print review before accepting all.

image description

I may have answered my own question. Answer may be to change the setting for deleted items to be changed to NONE … NOPE, NOT IT

I remember having discussed this topic either here (but where?) or in the Bugzilla site (but I don’t find any pointer to it).

My wish would be to have the change bars in the margin without the special formatting of the track changes mode. My use case is to be able to print a PDF copy just after accepting the changes so that readers can immediately see where changes occur.

This is not exactly the same as your question. I want text styled as it should (out of track changes mode) but with the change bar in the public-ready document so that readers-in-hurry can go immediately to the changes.

In the review/proof reading step, full track changes is needed (both additions and deletions) but I want a “signal” for end-readers.

@ajlittoz Same thing. I just change the color to black for all additions before printing. The issue is I want to “hide” what was deleted from printing. I thought is might be a print property, but nothing there. What’s frustrating is I did it once!

@ajlittoz will likely have final say …
I believe there is now a PARTIAL solution in While in tracked changes, select “Deletions to Margin”
The issue is that the deleted items do PRINT.
Is there a way of suppressing the “blue” deleted text in the margin when printing?

Since I’m not yet under 7.3.x, I can’t test the margin option. However, experimenting with the “historical” feature, I suggest you go to Tools>Options, LibreOffice Writer>Changes. Configure deletions colour to white instead of By author. Since the deletion is put into the margin, this should be sufficient to make it invisible (or choose the same colour as your background – no luck if it is an image). In the present implementation, deletions display in white, i.e. they occupy space even if invisible. This shouldn’t be the case in the margin.

As seen in the picture, the text in the margin is BLUE and my changes (addition in this case) are in YELLOW/GOLD. There is no setting to change the blue to white. I did try what you recommended, but the items in the margin still showed up BLUE. Great idea though

Note that there is no blue by default but By author and colour is computed by Writer. If you can’t find how to change this, attach a screen shot of Tools>Options, LibreOffice Writer>Changes.
It works for me.