show zero values in individual calc sheets

LO v Linux Mint Cinnamon.

I have a Calc file that has 15 sheets. All sheets have mutiple cells some of which are are formatted as currency, some as numbers.

Show Zero values

is set to ‘No’ in options so by default no zero values are shown. There are some sheets in the file I that want zero vales to be shown and some sheets where I am happy that they are not shown.

Is it posible to have different zero value settings for individual sheets? I have read that it can be done for individual cells but as there a several thousand cells involved I do not want to go this route for obvious reasons.

@BigAl, Share a sample, so to give a better answer.

hello@BigAl (or BigAI?),
‘I have read that it can be done for individual cells’,
which solution did you hear of?
i’d get one in mind that works with ‘user defined cell format’, and can be applied to whole sheets or big ranges of data with one simple click: format code e.g.: #.###,00;[ROT]-#.###,00;""
the ;"" in last position is the trick here, “code for positive values;code for negative values;code for zero values”
another possibility would be to implement separate settings ‘per sheet’ as it’s already done for some ‘per file’ settings? without notice to the user? :frowning:
but such things / changes take some time in LO …
just give above formatting a try, and if applicable i’ll make it an answer for all …