Showing a is equivalent to b modulo m

Hello. how do I use libremath to input a b modulo m ? I know I can do a equiv b but I do not know how to add m on top of equiv symbol

I was taught this notation:

 a equiv b ~ ["mod" m]

where the modulo constraint is explicitly written at right of the equivalence statement.

However, if you prefer to have m superscript over the equivalence operator, you can:

 stack { size 8 m # a equiv b ]

but this is not very nice because you can’t fine-tune the vertical position of m.

Here are both renderings: image

PS: when asking on this site, always mention OS name, LO version and save format.

a equiv csup{m} b

EDIT: I was just testing.
Now I searched for some Help. I can guess that sup is for superscript, and c is for character (see @ajlittoz’s comment below).
The result of binom m≡ is so so.

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thanks @ajlittoz for this but I went with @LeroyG’s solution. thank you @LeroyG as well.

Almost correct. c is for center. You have lsup and rsup variants for positioning superscript at left or right of object. And I didn’t think you could “decorate” an operator in this way (always thought that super- and subscript applied to variables). Thanks for the tip.

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