Showing Dialogs in Calc Spreadsheet

I am attempting to convert a Visual Basic application developed on a Windows 2K version of Excel. This uses macros to display the forms and perform the calculations, backed up by spreadsheets which hold the static data and text that populates the form fields.

I have been able to create dialog boxes with buttons, lists, etc., but am struggling to find out how one embeds dialog boxes in a worksheet for the user interface.

I understand, of course, that much of the original macro code will have to be rewritten, but if I am not able to get this part to work there’s little point in continuing.

I am running on a SUSE Linux 5.9 platform with LibreOffice Thanks for your help.

“Dialogs” (form controls) on sheets: Apache OpenOffice Community Forum - [Solved] Using Filter in Calc V3.1 with dates - (View topic)

I don’t know what a dialog box is, but dialogs aren’t graphical objects which can be inserted into documents. Dialogs are displayed in modal windows, and I don’t know a way to use them differently.

However, you can compose something looking similar by grouping form controls. A button e.g. intended to be used only as a kind of background / panel may be disabled, have no label, be colored differently… and may look like the backgroung of a kind of dialog then. The same way you can play with labels, group boxes, …
You can also group form controls with ordinary shapes…

Have a lot of fun!

Apologies for the apparent confusion over the use of the term dialog boxes. They were called dialog sheets in VBA and LO uses the term dialog. VBA had a neat way of showing each dialog sheet in the bottom bar in the same way as a normal worksheet. I was therefore hoping that LO had a simpler way of showing dialogs than the convoluted method of presentation that I’ve found. It makes it very difficult to build a uniform looking interface for several different forms.

Hi, Did you get any solution for your project? I’m new with LibreOffice and I want to import an Excel Project that I already have with macros, Forms and Dialog Boxes similar to what you described on this post.

If you have any solution or learn how to do it I would like to chat with you when you have any time.


Hi Joel,

Sorry to advise that I received no response to my query.

When I first built my application with the VB editor in Excel 5, it all seemed very straightforward. However, porting it to a subsequent revision of Excel where Microsoft engineers had changed the methodology turned out to be quite a struggle. I thought it might be possible move to LibreOffice, but that has proven even more frustrating and I’ve pretty much given up.

Sorry I’m not able to offer you any useful information.

Best regards,


This office suite comes with a database component. You don’t need a single line of stupid Basic code for full featured input forms.

I’d also recommend to check for the Handbook on Base (to be found on also). A lot of Projects were coded with vba/excel, because Access was not included in cheaper boxes of Office.
Sometimes projects should not be ported, but written new from scratch. Sure this depends on the project and size, but computing advancedvquite a bit since Win2k/Excel 5.

And thanks for the hint to porting problems inside the MS world. Usually most people only complain about the labour of changing to LibreOffice.