Showing hidden tags in Writer

Is there any way of showing hidden tags in Writer, as for instance in indexing markups, so that I can search and edit them directly rather than using the indexing macros provided?

The word tag is ambiguous. Please, edit your description to describe what you mean. Are the index entries your only concern?

You can have a visual feedback of formatting “tags” with View>Formatting Marks. Similarly, fields are indicated with View>Field Shadings. But I do not know of any setting for inline display of index entry content. Existence of index entry is shown when View>Field Shadings is enabled. Nothing more.

It’s the inline display of index entry content that I’m after. I’d like to be able to edit it directly or write my own macros. This is a facility I had years ago in Word, and it speeded my indexing up.

I’m not seeing the index entry when hovering. I have the View settings ticked as specified. I’m using Version: Build ID: 1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.10. I was hoping to gain access to the stored indexing data for each entry (embedded? concordance file?) so that I could write macros or scripts. I’ve tried exporting to xml and can’t see anything there.

My version is There may have been changes in hover display since 6.0 but I don’t remember for sure.

Another factor is your personal choice between “spot” and “range” index. Personally, I prefer to select the whole word or sequence of words over which the index is defined (this is what I call “range” indexing). You can also insert your entry at the cursor position (no range selected) with the same result in the Index (this is what I call “spot” indexing). But, since this is only a very narrow location (in fact it has no spatial extension), it may be difficult to trigger the tooltip.

Just hover your mouse over a location having an index entry. A tooltip will display the index entry content. It is easier to spot index entries if you enable (View>Formatting Marks and) View>Field Shadings.

To edit an index entry, right-click on the field shading and Index Entry. Once the Edit Index Entry dialog is open, you can navigate from one entry to the next/previous with the heavy arrow buttons.

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