Showing tracked changes jumps cursor to last deleted comment

In a document with a number of tracked changes and marginal comments, the deletions of some of which have been tracked, when I toggle ‘show track changes’ on, the cursor jumps to the first deleted comment in the document. I’ve seen this behavior in numerous documents over the last few months. It feels like a bug. Has anyone else experienced this?

LibreOffice 00(Build:2)
MX Linux 21 (Debian base)

EDIT on behalf of @earthworm

After a little more testing, it turns out that “first deleted comment” is inaccurate. In fact it jumps to the last deleted comment. It doesn’t matter who initially created the comment, the user currently editing or another user.

Perhap I should add that the document in question is a .docx.

Have now reported this as a bug.

PS. I still seem unable to edit my original post.