Side bar size of text and lightness of icons

I am using a Mac with OS 10.9.5 and LibreOffice 5.0.3. When I open the side bar the text (for paragraph styles, for example) is so small it is illegible. Also, the icons for the various functions is very light and difficult to see. Is there any way to correct this?

Hi rbaksa

I’ve done a quick check (, Debian-6.0) and every indication is that the Style name reflects the font styles active within that Style. Thus, if a small font-size is active, then the style name displayed in the side-bar is very small (and likewise if font-size is large, or italic, or etc., etc.). The smallest font in a Style on my system is Horizontal Line, and that is 6pt, but still readable (just) on my screen, so goodness knows how small the font must be in your styles.

To check:-

  1. (menu):FormatStyles and Formatting (F11)
  1. right-click Default Style
    (All styles cascade from the default style)
    (styles differ from the cascade only as modified within that style)
  2. choose Modify...
  3. (default style): choose Font tab
    (other styles): choose Organiser tab

Make adjustments if necessary.

I do not know how to adjust icon colour-depth.

If the above does not work, try a Profile Reset (Q56017) (always advised in situations like yours).

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