Sidebar extension : display dynamic results and refresh layout

Hi all

With my team we’re trying to implement a sidebar extension in Java for a client. The extension consists of a small search form, with a result panel underneath. The search is performed against the REST API of a public portal. Every time the user launches a new search, the result panel should be refreshed with the new result set. The final goal for the user is to be able to copy all or part of a result item into the document.

We have started building the extension based on this project GitHub - allotropia/libreoffice-sidebar-extension: LibreOffice Sidebar extension which was of great help.
But now we are stuck with how to refresh the result panel which is a org.libreoffice.ext.unohelper.ui.layout.Layout, everytime the user performs a new search.
Would anyone know how to do that ? Or if that is not possible to refresh a layout, should we try to use other types of components ?

thanks in advance for your help.


Try the developer page.

On this page here users help other users.