Sidebar focus: styles vs navigator

I apologize if this has been answered somewhere, but I’ve not found it.

In the work I’m doing, I depend on the navigator to move from section to section, not in just one document, but in several that I may have open at once. In the Navigator, the button at the lower left in the top toggles “Content Navigation View.” One of the views lists sections in addition to other stuff I don’t care about. The other option is perfect. Regardless where my cursor is in the document, the navigator shows which section it is, and automatically opens nested sections. So I use that.

The problem is, that whenever I open a document, or wake the computer from sleep, I have to manually select my preferred “Content Navigation View” again. I have entered personal information in settings, which for the most part makes Writer return to the last saved condition. Except the Navigator. Another issue that seems to have arisen after updating to (x64), focus in the sidebar is always styles (which I use, but not nearly as often as I use navigator). My preference is to have Navigator the primary focus in the sidebar, and set to the Content Navigation View that only displays sections.

Other software packages I use have a “workspace” where all the user’s preferences can be stored as setting that can be saved. Is there a solution for this, or should this be a bug report or feature request?