Signature isn't selected when trying to sign during export of PDF-file in Writer


I have an Enigmail PGP signature that I use in Thunderbird under Ubuntu Linux.
In Libre Office I can use it to sign (and encrypt) an ODT-document.
But when I try to use it during export of a document as a PDF document something goes wrong. In the ‘PDF Options’ window on the ‘Digital Signature’ tab, I click on the ‘Select’ button and get the ‘Select Certificate’ window. My signature is already selected (it’s the only one present). I now click on ‘Sign’. The window closes, but the signature isn’t shown in the field called “Use this certificate to digitally sign PDF documents:”. So when I press the ‘Export’ button, I get a “signature generation failed” error message, and export of the PDF file fails.

Can anyone help me?
Thank you.

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I also tried signing an existing PDF-file, following the instructions on: What is Miklos hacking – Signing existing PDF files in LibreOffice - In other words:

  1. Open LibreOffice Draw
  2. File-menu → Digital Signatures → Sign existing PDF.
  3. Select/open document.
  4. Press ‘Sign Document’ button.
    But here, my signature isn’t shown, so I can’t select it and sign with it…

I look forward to hear from you guys.
Thank you.

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sudo aa-complain usr.lib.libreoffice.program.soffice.bin

If you get error, install apparmor-utils