Sil Graphite's Font Feature Control Error

I’ve been using libreoffice for several past years on my daily activity, recently I’ve used LO 4.2 before upgrade it to LO4.4 then LO 5, I’m using several South East Asian font which my community make it in graphite type, in LO 4.2 I can access my font form the font control toolbar and controlling the feature of fonts, but after I upgrade it to LO 4.4, I can’t control the feature of this font anymore even all of my SEA font doesn’t shown in the font list, this also hapen in LO 5. I would appriciate any feedback to help/pointing me to right source, considering my needed of this font to make document


Can you please edit your question to provide an example of the feature being used (e.g., :texm=1) and for which font? Thanks.

I mean my fonts doesn’t shown on the list of font control, so I can not even select it, here is the font link I used

Thanks for clarifying and providing an example font. I see this here under v5.1.

Thanks for further clarifying. I can’t find any similar bug under “graphite” (list here). It does however now seem like a regression, so please report it as a bug.