Simple database to track references


Does anyone have a sample database to store references and notes? I’m doing a lot of writing on different topics, and instead of storing everything in tabs, I was considering using a database.

What I want to store:

  • URL (most of my research will be online)
  • Title (if there is a macro that can pull the title from the link, that’s even better)
  • Notes and comments
  • Topics and subtopics (e.g. Topic: Writing, Subtopic: Copywriting or Fiction or Blogging

I looked at the bibliography database and it’s too much information. Plus, it’s not very good for storing notes and comments.

If there is something simpler, please let me know!



You may want to check out Evernote Download Evernote for windows -

Sounds like you have a pretty good idea with what you need, and could probably do the job yourself. Check out this link for sample Base setups also:
Base file samples
… and maybe also HERE
… and also some SAMPLE DATABASES…
Sample BASE files