Simple dupe removal

I have a Calc sheet with a bunch of email addresses and other information. I want to filter out the duplicates. Should be really easy, but I’m getting pretty frustrated.

All of the answers I find on removing dupes are either outdated or using cryptic language that assumes that I know what the heck they’re talking about.
Please explain it to me like you’d explain it to your grandfather.

Here’s what appears to be the answer, though some of the path names seem to have changed:

Menu Data → Filter → Standard Filter… check Options No duplications and Copy results to: … enter a suitable location’s top left cell, for example on a new sheet created beforehand.

I’ve managed to get the box that asks me about filter criteria and offers the “Options” check-box, but where I run into problems is “enter a suitable location’s top left cell…” What the heck does that mean?
Okay, I know what it means, “Tell it where to write the information,” but I don’t know how it needs to be written.

Can someone please tell me how to get rid of the duplicates in my file?

Use a cell address - for example M3 - or simply click on the location where you want the data.

In addition:

English documentation

I had no trouble making this work, but I did some steps you didn’t explicitly mention, so I’ll go through what I did in detail in case you missed something:

–click a cell in the column containing the data you want to filter

–select at the top Data–>more filters–>standard filter

–In the “standard filter” window that pops up, you should see that under “field name” it has the column containing cell you clicked. Under “condition” it should just have “=”. But the “value” section is empty

–under “value” select “not empty” so it knows you’re applying it to all the cells that have something in them

–Click on “options” to bring up the list of check boxes

–check “remove duplicates”

–check “copy results to”

–after checking “copy results to” just click on an empty cell that has plenty of empty cells under it for all the data to fit after being filtered

–click OK

You should have a list with no duplicate cells. I hope this helps.

If my grandfather asked for help in removing duplicates, I would suggest he use this extension - Remove Duplicates Fast

It seems to me that my grandfather would have liked such a solution more than using a filter.


Nice to see you here :wink: