Since the typeface Aleph also has Hebrew words, is it possible to type in Hebrew?

There is a short text that I would like to be able to type In Hebrew and make it much larger.

And what’s the problem?

Technically the font glyphs for Hebrew are characters or letters, not necessarily “words” in of themselves. Put them together, and they form words just like many other languages. If you are interested in typing in Hebrew, you probably also are aware that it is a right-to-left language, meaning that characters are a horizontal mirror image in terms of the order they are written and read, starting from the right side. Here’s a related answer that explains how to set up a document to write from right to left, should you so choose. But of course you can just “write backwards” and keep it in left to right mode if it is just a small Hebrew quote between otherwise English text. You don’t even have to worry about the right-to-left thing if you are copying and pasting from a Hebrew text. No need to change the character direction mode unless it’s easier for you to write that way.

Unless you have a special keyboard configuration, you might have to one-by-one insert the characters using Insert -> Special Character from the menus - a bit tedious. It might save you time to keep the dialog open and select the “Basic Hebrew” subset on the top-right that includes the characters of interest. Double click letters within the grid quickly to insert at the current cursor position.

Aleph (or Alef) is like all other typfaces/fonts… Just change the font size to something huge (36 pt, 48pt, as big as you like) in order to make it bigger on the page. There are many fonts that include Hebrew characters. Even Arial, a super common font on Windows, has them. Every operating system these days has several unicode fonts installed by default which contain diverse character sets for typing in many languages. You might be surprised to find that many well-known fonts include Hebrew letters. It depends on if you want to type in ancient Hebrew or modern Hebrew and how calligraphic or stylized you want it to look. A web search for “free Hebrew font” will result in many choices.

Thanks a lot! I understand how to make the font bigger, I also figured that I would have to type left to right. Fortunately, it’s a very short quote. I’ll look into the typefaces you’ve mentioned, if I’m not able to do it, I’ll search the web. I really appreciate your sharing your knowledge!

No problem. I’m confident you’ll figure it out, especially for a short quote. If you were investigating your Jewish roots and wanted to type in Hebrew regularly, I’d suggest something more drastic like getting a special keyboard with Hebrew characters printed on it and choosing a keyboard profile in Windows (or whatever OS you use) that is optimized for typing in Hebrew. But that’s overkill for your small project! :smiley: Happy quoting.