How to setup LibreOffice Right To Left Hebrew

I tryed to write a Hebrew letter. Character set is supported OK.
But punctuation at the end of a line go to right side (which is really the beginning of the sentence.
That means that there is no real support for RTL.

Am I missing something?
Maybe I need to install some support package?

Any help will be appreciated.


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Hi, it should work. Have a look at the steps described here:

Thank you, Gerry, I also have this problem, but I cannot find the answer on OpenSiddur. Can you kindly give the steps here?

i just answered you with step by step how

very easy:

  2. go to FORMATparagraph
  3. choose options like in the picture

and also you can right click on the page > select style > click on page tab> select right to left in text-direction option.

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