Single digit seach

Hi folks,

Does anyone know how to search for a single digit number please…

I need to find the number 1 – not 11, 21, 31, 100

nothing I try works

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Use the following procedure:

  • Menu Edit -> Find & Replace
    Find: \b1\b
    Replace: empty
    Other Options 1: [x] Regular expressions
  • Click Find All

( \b: see Regular Expressions - ICU Documentation)

image description

Hope that helps.

Thank you Uwe

Where does this code come from Uwe?

Am I just slow - I can’t see how you make it from here

Is there another page of commands

I have provided the link in my answer - and this is also linked in a more recent version of help (you refer to a pretty old help of LibreOffice) - take this one: List of Regular Expressions


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