Single line alignment

Hello. i have a paragraph which is Left-aligned in Libreoffice Writer.
I want to make right-alignment of one line of the whole paragraph, without using a line break, because line break makes a blank line in my paragraph. How can i do that?

Thank you.

Libreoffice Version:

Build ID: 1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.10

I Fixed it.
I just had to seperate the line i wanted from the rest of the text using enter (from the previous and next line) and then using backspace to re-unite the line to the rest of the text.
And then the line will be a seperate paragraph without gap lines in my paragraph.

(Cannot accept my own answer as correct due to low points haha)

Quite difficult to follow. Can you attach a screenshot (with View>Formatting Marks enabled in Writer)

@ajlittoz - From my perspective one of the ways to describe How to avoid an empty paragraph and the solution only worked, due to the fact, that the definition of the paragraph used in OPs document has 0 spacing Above paragraph and Below paragraph. In fact the goal is achieved visually but not technically, since the solution created a separate right aligned paragraph (using direct formatting), which is against the goal without using a line break expressed in the question.

@anon73440385: you are also technically right because the solution implies to split initial paragraph contents into three logical parts as the right-aligned “line” needs well-defined boundaries, meaning it has a different semantic value. Vertical spacing is included in the semantic “decoration” (or user’s specification).

Anyway, there’s a need to break text flow on both ends.