Sinhala Unicode does not display correctly in Libreoffice impress

I am using linux mint in my home laptop, and I have installed Ibus (m17n) input method with Sinhala unicode. (utf-8)
The input method is working fine in browsers and other system apps like notepad.

However when I use it on Impress, the order of the letters changes dramatically. For example ක්‍රමය would type as ක්රමය this is only one, but there are many changes like this.

I have checked the language settings and they are fine. However I have noticed that libreoffice writer is not detecting the language as sinhala (in the status bar at the bottom) when I start typing. I have to select the text and change the language, on Impress, the Sinhala language cannot be even seen.

I tried ajusting the settings in the preferences, related to asian languages, but nothing happened.

I have even tried changing the fonts for sinhala language. It also didn’t work out.

I selected the text and selected “Sinhala MN” as the font on my mac (MacOS Catalina), Libre Office

This didn’t work on open office presentation as you mentioned. :frowning:

Use Abhaya Libre sinhala unicode font family from google for typing.

Use following interface to type sinhala words and copy paste in to libre office writer.

You will not have any issues if you use those two.
Here is a timetable I created with Abhya libre font.