Sitka Fonts in Libre Office

I recently upgraded from Windows 10 to W11. I was annoyed to find that my favoured font family - Sitka - no longer appeared correctly in LO Writer. On further investigation, it seems that Microsoft have in some way “protected” the Sitka fonts so that they cannot be used outside of the Microsoft Office family. Although “Sitka” appears in the font-name box at the top of the screen, the font itself is clearly some kind of default.

I know this is not LO’s fault; it is down to Microsoft’s proprietorial greed. But is there any chance of it being fixed, or is there some work-around?

I have, by the way, reverted back to Windows 10, as there were other features of W11 which were annoying. (And yes, Sitka was once more usable within LO.)

I can’t see that in my case.
Sitka is installed on my computer.

Version: (X86_64) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: da48488a73ddd66ea24cf16bbc4f7b9c08e9bea1
CPU threads: 8; OS: Windows 10.0 Build 22631; UI render: Skia/Raster; VCL: win
Locale: en-GB (de_DE); UI: en-GB
Calc: threaded

But you seem to be on Win10, wich was the “solution” of @MurdoMondane
The problem arised using Win11.
If one has both systems, it seems to be possible to copy the Win10 version of the font(s) over to Win11 (technical solution, I will not discuss licenses) EDIT: copy is not functional, see below.

No. Windows 10.0 Build 22631 corresponds to Window 11.

Note that the link you provided tells that it is not possible to copy these fonts.
Note that the issue there is embedding fonts to PDF. These fonts should look OK in Writer. So I confirm that in Writer, it looks OK on a clean-installed Win11 box. Moreover, it also looks OK in the PDFs generated from Writer.

The look of the Sitka font in Writer in the same as in Word.

sitka.pdf (79.9 KB)

To be clear: the Sitka fonts do appear on the dropdown list of fonts within LO Writer. But what appears on screen, and in print, is very definitely NOT a Sitka font. If I use Sitka within MS Word on Windows 11, there is no problem. But what shows in LO Writer is some other font altogether.
Unfortunately, I cannot now demonstrate the difference, since I have gone back to W10.
But the link which Wanderer provided indicates that there is a problem. (If you Google “Windows 11 Sitka font problem”, you will find plenty more.) But the solution suggested on Wanderer’s link is - at best - difficult, and at worst - ineffective. The person replying says he will downgrade to W10!!

Sorry, I can’t see any difference.

Screenshot on the left:
Windows 10 on a desktop PC with the existing fonts.
Screenshot on the right:
Windows 11 on a laptop PC with the existing fonts.

Please also note that your new laptop may have a different resolution and zoom level.

And perhaps have a look at the options settings:

First steps to take before submitting a bug

Take a look at the points that have to do with graphics.

If you have no success with this, it is possible that the Sitka font on Win11 is defective.

Thanks, Hrbrgr. I can see that you can detect no difference. Unfortunately, I am not at present in a position to provide evidence to the contrary. Having reverted to W10, I am not eager to re-upgrade to W11 anytime soon!
It is possible that some corruption crept in during the first upgrade, although, as I said above, the font looked fine within MS Word on W11; and did not look anything like proper Sitka in Libre Office on W11.
All I can do is to try the upgrade again sometime (maybe not until 2025), and see what happens.
It will be interesting to see if anyone else has this problem, though.

My apologies. This is my first day as a registered user, and my first post. I was not aware of how things worked. I have deleted my post and inserted it as a comment.

OK, done (I hope!)

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