Size error in the file in sub-document content.xml in 2.122233 (row, column).

after working and saving a file in ods, i will receive the Following message:

Size error in the file in sub-document content.xml in 2.122233 (row, column).

how can I reopen the file?

in the file content.xml position 2, 122233 the content is:

" fo:font-weight=“normal” style:font-weight-asian=“normal” style:font-weight-complex=“normal”/></style:style>…"

Similar errors in text documents I saw were related to some kind of corruption of the content.xml that must have occured during a ‘Save’ or ‘Save As…’ run. I cannot really think of a way to get this fixed without analysing the content.xml with the help of an XML editor. As you already made a step in that direction you may try to identify the quoted part as an illegal redefinition of a property and to simply delete the illegal part (from the start of the quoted string till in front of the next “/” e.g. - but this is nebulous, of course) before wrapping the edited content.xml back into an ods. (You will surely be thorough about backups.)

Did you already try to open the file with different versions of LibreOffice? What about the recent 5.0.0?

Supposing you are on Win: You won’t want to change your installation for experiments, but you can get the most recent released version V5.0.0 and many old versions, too, as a portable variant in a .paf.exe package from this location e.g. These packages will expand an can be used (deleted later-on, too) without an installation.

I’ve tried to open with 5.0.0 with no luck.
I recovered the file uploading in google drive.

I don’t understand the reason for these frequent (On some of my PC network) corruptions

How can “uploading in google drive” recover a file? For me none of these corruptions are “frequent”. In fact I personally never had a file corruption and only twice over years a user profile corruption caused by a system blackout.

From google drive (you need a google account) select new->file upload

after uploading, open the file and select

file->download (select the format, .xls, ods, ecc)

sorry for my english… I’ve an Italian menu…

Sorry! I haven’t a google account and I wouldn’t create one. I simply was curious.

Thank you for your comment in return, @vergna . However, I still don’t understand who / what software will open the file after uploading to the google drive and on which machine the software will run.

I have already repaired such files. I extract the file content.xml and open it in the browser Seamonkey. It tells, what kind of error it is. In most cases it has been “duplicate attribute”, easy to find and to repair.