Sizing of textbox in a LO BASIC Dialog using GTK3

I am having trouble with a user dialog I created in LO BASIC.
The problem is with the height of textboxes, listboxes and comboboxes in that there seems to be more of a “buffer” between the edge of the text itself and the edge of the textbox than I would like. For example, reducing the height of the textbox “Image Number” (in the attached screenshots) has no effect on how the Dialog is displayed when the macro is run, but If I reduce the size of the font in the textbox, I can reduce the size of the textbox somewhat, but still have the same “buffer” size.
I assume this is a GTK parameter, but I cannot find a way to change it.
If I revert to X11 for the VCL, the textbox resizes as expected.
Any help in working around this issue is appreciated.

Double check that your attached screenshots are really attached. You might also include basic version information for your LO and your Linux.

Oops…misfired with the mouse. Here are relevant screen shots.
Thanks for your help.

LO version info

Hi H,
No solution (yet) on my side. Just searching, since I encounter the same issue.


As this isn’t a solution, please delete it and add it as a comment.

sure - expected a ‘reply’ button beside the 'suggest …" :wink: