Skipping numbers in a numbered list

I would like to have a multi-level list in the following form:

1. This is the first item.
2. This is the second item.
   Note it has more than one line.
   a. This is a sub-item of the second item
   b. This is another sub-item.
   This is a continuation of the second item, not another sub-item.
3. And another item.

To add the sub-items, I simply demote the respective paragraphs by one level and apply the numbering style I would like.

I can get the second line of 2. by adding a line break—though that comes at the expense of any before/after paragraph spacing not being applied, which is not perfect. Also, this will not work for the last line of 2..


A workaround, which would at least give me the visual appearance I expect, would be as follows:

  • Use paragraph marks to separate the lines of item 2. (for now, do not worry about the numbers they are assigned—we will fix this in the next step).
  • Remove the bullet formatting from the second line of 2. and increase its indent until it is flush with the paragraph above it.
  • Do the same for the last line of 2.

This will result in interrupted numbering: after 2b and the following paragraph, the list will continue with 3. as expected.


  • Indentation has to be done manually, and will probably need to be redone if you change the numbering style.
  • Moving text around after doing the above steps may mess up the numbered list.

In the numbering & bullet toolbar you have a button to “insert an unnumbered line:”