Slave field shows incorrect value


I have a form and a subform based on parent-child tables in MySQL (one-to-many relationship). The subform displays correctly the records related to the current record in the main form. The problem is the subform field corresponding to the foreign key always displays the value 1000000. Which is, by the way, the “Value max” property of that column. This happens with all the records in the main form, excepting the first one. Anyway, if I’m looking in the database, the foreign key in the child records is added correctly. The datatype of the indexed columns is INT. Now, this could be a bug in Base but… maybe I’m missing something. Any idea, please?

Windows 8.1 x64

LibreOffice x64

MySQL 5.7.27 x64

Connector ODBC 8.0.17 x64

And the screenshots:


Actually it appears you have answered your own question but do not yet realize it.

Your first example - cui = 425630

Second example - cui = 22189920

Max value = 1000000

In your second example the cui exceeds the max value and therefore max value replaces it. Remove the value in the Max Value property and all should be OK.

You’re right, indeed. In fact, this field should be hidden, anyway. Many thanks!