Slide design dialog not available Version:

I am using Linux Mint 17 with libreOffice Version: Build ID: 420m0(Build:2). When copying slides from one impress file into another the slide design gets copied along. If I right click on a slide and selecting slide design from the context menu nothing happens.

What should happen though is that the slide design dialog pops up letting me select from the available slide designs.

My question: how can I diagnose and fix the error or which other ways are there to assign a slide design to a group of slides

I made a test using on an XP machine. In my explanations I will use the terms MASTER PAGE and LAYOUT to make clear which functions I used.

1 - Created 2 presentation with different MASTER PAGES.
2 - Opened Slide Sorter for presentation 1 and 2.
3 - Copied 2 slides from presentation 2 into presentation 1 => MASTER PAGE and LAYOUT copied over into presentation 1
4 - While being in Slide Sorter, applied MASTER PAGE of presentation 1 to slides copied from presentation 2 => immediately saw the change
5 - While being in Slide Sorter, applied LAYOUTs to the copied slides by selecting the copied slides and double clicked on LAYOUTS => I did not see any change in LAYOUT while being in the Slide Sorter.
6 - Changed to Normal View and saw the applied LAYOUTs.

Could it be that you stayed in Slide Sorter and therefore did not see the change in LAYOUT?

As for the availability of slide layouts dialog in the context menu it is not available in my case as well. I used the LAYOUT selection from the sidebar.

Thus you it seems you found 2 bugs. May I propose to file a bug report here: