Slide notes in PPTX 2007 do not show up in LibreOffice Impress - not visible in Notes view mode

I am opening a PPTX created with Office 2007, and it has notes on the slides. When I open the file in Impress I cannot see the text anywhere - the notes view shows the notes area blank all the times.

Is there a way to get those notes to show in Impress, or is it just not supported?

You have to report a bug with detailed description, attaching problem file and screenshots (if available)

You may have a look at → Bug 49646 - VIEWING: Notes in PPTX files do not show up

To riff off of @Timon1 and @manj_k above,

fdo#49646 has current status RESOLVED WORKSFORME. Looks like @rbbd was testing with an alpha of LO 4.0. The final for 4.0 is expected by next week, so looks like we can call this one Fixed in 4.0.