Slides missing images

Hi, LO on OSX 10.9.1. I embed images into my slides in Impress and frequently I find when I re-open the presentation file certain images are missing; there is just the default image link area displayed like a broken image link. Is this a known bug or are there other limitations that I don’t know of yet about inserting images into a slide?

Which format do you use when you save your Impress files?

You mention a broken link. Did you embed the pictures or insert a link to the picture file? If the latter, then the presentation must have access to the picture file. Did you move or delete the picture before you re-opened the presentation?

This problem is NOT fixed, and should NOT be closed. Impress loses images!

You haven’t mentioned how you insert or what format the images were. This sounds like a bug that has been reported especially with .png files. There is a temporary workaround you can try in comment #69:


It would be my advise: if you cut and past images from one place to another in the presentation:

  • keep a copy of the presentation before starting that work;

  • use a separate Impress/Draw document that you paste the images in;

  • when all collected, sorted out:

  • save the presentation

  • copy the images from the other file to the presentation

  • save again

It’s some extra work, but compared to other work, let alone losing a file, relatively little.