Slow Clipboard Copy In Writer

I’ve been using LibreOffice Writer across various versions, but I noticed recently while working on converting some papers I’ve written into a thesis dissertation that copying and pasting information between files on my work install (LibreOffice, Windows 10, working with .odt files) has been extremely slow. Doesn’t matter if it’s a table, a figure with its caption, or just a paragraph of text, if I hit “copy,” it takes ages for LibreOffice to finish loading data onto the clipboard to let me even change windows. Once the data’s on the clipboard it seems to paste just fine, though.

I haven’t tested this on any of my other installations of LibreOffice, but given that A) this is on my work computer, B) I don’t think this was an issue previously, and C) I have the added “spice” of working with the outdated Mendeley Desktop citation plug-in,1 I assume this is probably an issue with the environment I’m running LibreOffice in rather than a problem with LibreOffice itself. I would really like to not forcibly drag my feet when I’m transferring writing & data around, though, so does anyone have advice w/r/t what I could investigate & maybe change to get my clipboard functioning better?


1If anyone has recommendations for alternatives to Mendeley that I could use for writing with Writer, please feel free to send me a PM! Mendeley’s slowly been deteriorating in functionality I feel, and it’s only a matter of time before it stops working completely. The biggest extra function I need is the ability to just feed the software a DOI or PMID and have it automatically pull the citation’s details for me; I don’t want to risk manually entering citation data incorrectly.

Missing information: OS name, save format.

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Ah, thanks for catching; question is updated. I’m using Windows 10 with .odt files.

I can’t edit the question anymore, but I discovered a new detail of all this: the clipboard is specifically slow to load data from a document that I have open as reference. Copying and pasting within the document I’m actively working on is speedy as ever, and copying from that active document to paste into a secondary document is fine. It’s only copying from a secondary document that takes forever.

(regarding your footnote, I strongly recommend using Zotero instead)

Can you try Paste Special and see if one of the available options produces faster results ?

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The problem isn’t pasting, it’s copying. Once the data is copied to the clipboard it pastes into the new document just fine (or, well, as fine as any paste action goes).

If you have clipboard sharing turned on, it might be waiting for your other devices to wake up and accept the transmitted data. I recommend to turn it off.

You can probably leave clipboard history turned on but if you are still finding issues then turn it off to check that isn’t causing the problem.

Most clipboard issues come from clipboard managers

Clipboard history & syncing across devices are both turned off on this machine already. I’m adding some further information to the comments of the original question though, since I just did some further testing and noticed something.

It might be a redrawing issue after selection to show the blue highlight.

Try and see if this helps: Click Tools > Options > LibreOffice > View and click the box Force Skia software rendering. You will need to restart LibreOffice afterwards. Note: If the box Use Skia for all rendering is unticked then this will not be the issue. Cheers, Al

Tried it both with and without Skia rendering, didn’t help. The blue highlight also isn’t when the program hangs; it hangs when I hit Ctrl+C to copy the chunk of text. Considering that it only happens when I try to copy from a secondary document, my guess is it has something to do with like, memory caching? But I have no idea how I could test that/evaluate it since I don’t know how LibreOffice handles multiple files being open at once.