Slow download speeds and more.

I am wondering what to think about the download speed problem.It seems to have been a problem for over 10 years. Which is odd in itself. I have tried various mirrors near and get the same initial speed of about 20-28 mbs followed by a consistent slowing down to about 11 mbs. I tried donating, that was a problem too, with no payment possible. The captcha system also seems excessively long. Additionally, the download has twice reached 40mb and then reverted to 20 mb total downloaded. This has happened twice.
There just seem to be too many problems occurring at once and these are occurring in relation to different sources (different download sites and the payment system). I’m using Safari on a Mac running 10.12.6
Does this mean your over all system is being played with? The problems are certainly enough to put some people right off.

Answering only download speed part: well, the program is hosted on many public mirrors, possibly with some speed limits. Are you seriously implying that downloading for 2 minutes is really an issue?

Normally, I directly download from the nearest (geographically) mirror that hosts LO binaries. A matter of 10 to 20 seconds. The problem seems to be on your side. By the way, have you tried downloading via torrents?

Sorry, I may have not communicated this as well as I should, my total download time is 9 hours.

Well, I must say that that is really slow. I normally have ~1-2 minute download. As you say that it’s reproducible with multiple mirrors, I can only guess some strange problem with your ISP. Can you try with some download manager? (I cannot suggest you anything here, because I use Win myself.)

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An hour after I posted the download speed picked up 10 fold. So ISP was probably the problem.