Slow performance and icons looking weird

I’m pretty new to LibreOffice but i’m required to use it in class. But when i start is on my laptop with a 4k screen the icons look weird and the performance overall is pretty bad. It is a very good laptop and should be able to handle this. My Desktop at home is 1080p and handles it flawlessly. I was just wondering if this is a bug or if it can be fixed on my side.

Edit: Forgot to add that i’m running Windows 10

The bad display of the icons is a bug. You can read more about it in bug 120253 and the other bugs mentioned there. The reason is, that the 4k screen implies a default screen resolution of more than 125% in Windows 10. That triggers a scaling factor in LibreOffice. But this scaling factor is not correctly handled in all needed places. You might test, whether the svg icon theme attached to bug 120253 solves the problem.

There are complains about bad performance in Bugzilla and some problems are solved already in the current developer version. You can test it using a “daily build”. It can be installed parallel to a normal version. If you want to write a bug report, please do not write only “bad performance”, but describe exactly which situation is noticeably slower than in previous versions.

Okay, thanks for the answer. Sorry about the performance thing. I have not tried earlier versions. But I noticed lagging when scrolling in documents. And overall slow “performance” maybe i’m just spoiled with other software but it felt a bit laggy