Slow recalculation in Calc files with big quantities row. (more 40000)

IN version 5.2.7 it works more quckly then in v. 5.3.4 and 5.4.0. Also in v. 4.x.x it worked more quckly then in v. 5.x.x/
When I change the number in any cell, the recalculation takes quite a long time. In the early version, this was almost instantaneous. Please correct this moment.

As development of LO continues, some operations get optimized and become faster than in early versions, while some other operations may become slower, and that is performance regression of course. But what you describe is totally unhelpful to debug such regressions, find their cause and fix them. You see only some subset of all possible data sets, and the only way to be helpful is to file bugs in Bugzilla with file attachments, specifying timings, and OS/locale data.

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