Slow typing and scrolling

I’m working on a ‘one side’ document, which contains a lot of frames; typing is very slow also scrolling up and down.
I experience this behaviour with both LibreOffice versions (5.4.2. 64 Bit and 32 Bit).

With OpenOffice 4.1.4 (32 Bit) it works fine.

I noted also the GUI is ‘flickering’ and the font is shown ‘dirty’.

The file I’m working on is a fac simile of an CMR (you can download it here:!AmxYWPwOThCrui8AYSe59cF2aIls)

Thank you for any suggestion.

I installed the prerelease version (x64) and LibreOffice now works much better, fluidly and also fonts are show clearly.

Another suggested test (opening File Menu, press and hold the down Arrow Key for cycling in the menu - see this post), now don’t more consumes a lot of a core as before.

Thank you all for working an this problem.