Slow VLOOKUP on large tables ?

I have price lists tables in Excel (>200.000 rows) , and sometims I have short list of atricles (100-200 part numebrs) in another table for which I need to add price info. In excel , I use VLOOKUP function, and for 100-200 rows VLOOKUP finishes practicly instatly. In Calc, ir takes 1 minute for 50 part numbers ? Someone knows ghow to speed these things in Calc ?

If the price list is sorted on the lookup key, you could try setting the “sorted” parameter = 1. This performs a more efficient search, but does not ensure an exact match so you may need to check for key matching too. With the size of lookup table you are working with, the lookup speed improvement should easily outweigh the overhead of checking for exact match.

Show us your VLOOKUP() formula if you need more explicit guidance.