Small size of "int" "lim" "sum" "prod" symbols

When I enter one of the symbols for integration, sum, product or limit the size of the symbol is initially very small relative to the rest of the equation.
I can copy-paste the equation then go into edit mode and the symbols become the correct size. Using the size command all of the time is very tedious and makes the symbols to large after a paste-edit sequence.
How can I make the symbols the correct size the first time?

Build ID: 410m0(Build:2)
OpenSuse 13.1

The related bug for the int symbol is tdf#53472 for which a fix is evidently forthcoming in v5.2.0. Note that in the report a dynamically-sized integral (intd) is also indicated. Bug tdf#39750 is also generally related. These do not however address all the symbols indicated in the question.

An alternative approach may be to change the font used in Math from the default OpenSymbol to the freely available STIX fonts. The strategy is to make this family of fonts the default for Math. Refer tdf#38881.