Smartphone keyboard style end of sentence handling


Is there a way to handle an end of sentence as I’m used to when texting from my smartphone? I use Swiftkey on my phone and it’s set so that after I type the last letter of a sentence and press the spacebar twice it 1) enters a period immediately after the last letter 2) enters a space 3) shift-locks ready to capitalise the next letter typed.

It would save me many keypresses, typos and much irritation as I have become so used to the space bar double-tap to end a sentence.

(many apologies if this has already been asked, I couldn’t find it in the search.)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Version:, English(UK), Writer

Windows 8.1, English

LO capitalizes the first word in a sentence after entering Period and blank. So you have to change your double blank to period+blank to get the same result. Same amount of keystrokes.

It does not appear possible to achieve this type of behaviour under v4.3 using the available options. Under v4.4.0.0 the coming wildcard AutoCorrect feature will bring the possibility one step closer. A replacement table entry of .* .* (two spaces between wildcard entries) and . (full stop and space) will allow the double space to be replaced by a full stop and a space, but only after the following character is typed, and this following character is not capitalised.