soffice --params in Windows cli does nothing

Hello, after unsuccessul efforts to batch convert files I’ve tried running a simple ‘soffice --help’ but it does nothing. I checked background processes - no other instances of soffice/libreoffice are launched. Running just ‘soffice’ with no params launches the application correctly. I’ve run out of ideas. I’m on Win7 64bit and using 64bit version of LO.

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This is a bug affecting some Windows versions. To workaround it and see the output, please put the command to a link (shortcut file, .LNK), then it will open up a dedicated console for the output with “press any key to continue”.

Thx Mike. Could you give me a hint of the contents of the .lnk file? I put ‘c:\Program Files\LibreOffice\soffice --help’ in test.lnk then I tried clicking it, launching it from cmd. I tried putting ‘run’ before the path - to no avail. Guess it requires special format/commands?

Don’t forget to put the path with spaces into doublequotes, like

"C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\soffice.exe" --help

and don’t launch it from cmd - just double-click it

The contents of my test.lnk file:

"C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\soffice.exe" --help

I placed the file on the desktop. Double-clicking the icon does nothing, double-clicking in TotalCmd shows “Error executing program! (31)”.

Could you please try running the command when you have LO already running in normal GUI mode?

Actually I was going to tell you before that when LO GUI is launched in the back, running

soffice --help

in LO/program folder works but it opens another cli window. I took this as abnormal operation because I still couldn’t make --convert-to work and I read in forums that any LO processes must be closed. Coming back to .lnk file - with LO GUI launched now in the back, clicking ‘test.lnk’ still does nothing.

Well - as I told you, that is a bug. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an opportunity to handle it properly yet. The only reliable workaround is using cygwin (and then not forget to use forward slashes instead of backslashes). Also, possibly you could post a command line to discuss.

Ok I made --convert-to work, though to limited extent. Looks like I needed to specify --outdir (read it was optional and when not specified, files would be saved to src folder) and cannot use *.odt wildcard to convert all files in src folder. One by one works (with/without LO GUI in the back).

Thx Mike for your efforts:)

Fixed in v.6.3.