soft line break with forward slash?

At the moment, in LO Writer, if I write “Monthly/occasional disk images” in a table cell and then I make the column progressively thinner eventually a line break will happen (a “soft” line break).

But at the moment it goes like this:


al disk images

whereas I would like it to break like this:


occasional disk images

or more likely this:



disk images

It appears that LO Writer is considering a forward slash as an “inviolable character” for the purposes of rules for inserting soft line breaks. Is there any way to tell it that this is not an “inviolable character”?

LibreOffice of which version? It’s possible that some very old version didn’t follow the rule to break at the forward slash, the rule that Unicode had introduced to allow breaking the long URLs.

I confirm the described behavior with LO 6.0.4/Windows 7 using Liberation Serif. But with Linux Biolinum G and many other fonts, it is fine. So, it looks like a problem specific to fonts. Anyway, see my answer.

I tested with on Win10 - and can’t reproduce with Liberation Serif…

I can’t reproduce that - Libre breaks at exactly the points where you want it. But there’s probably something else going on here. If Libre breaks a line in the middle of a word, you probably inserted non-breaking spaces instead of ordinary ones. If you turn on field shadings (Ctrl+F8), non-breaking spaces appear as thin, gray rectangles.

Maybe the locale also plays a role.

I would insert a zero-width space after the slash. To input, type 200b and press Alt+X.

This is what I was looking for… it appears confusing to introduce a comma, with a grey box around it… but this can be made invisible by going View → Field Shadings: toggle to off

All my clever fellow LO-users forgot that it could also be that the style of the Table or the style used for your table forbids hyphenation … so check the style.

Hyphenation isn’t an issue here, you may mean word wrap, which seems to be disabled here, but as far as I know you can’t disable that, except by using non-breaking spaces.